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Winchester Poetry Festival Policies


Safeguarding Young Persons and Vulnerable Adults
As a rule, we ask that all children under 14 (and anyone over 14 requiring specialist help), are accompanied by a capable adult. We do not anticipate a situation where any of the team will require specialist training to care for an individual attendee. We will however ensure that, a member of the team who has a valid portable DBS, is present at any children's events and also, where possible, at events which may be of interest to Young Person’s 14+ who may attend without a guardian.

Equality and Diversity
The Trustees at the Winchester Poetry Festival are committed to encouraging equality and diversity and eliminating unlawful discrimination.
We aim for the charity to be truly representative of all sections of society and our supporters.

Data Protection
We will use your email address to keep you informed of the latest Winchester Poetry Festival news. We will keep your details secure, never sharing these with third parties. We will always remain compliant with any data protection regulations including GDPR (May 2018). Our full Privacy Policy can be read here.

Health & Safety
The Festival team will honour the existing Health & Safety procedure that is in place for each venue used. For outdoor events, where the venue is currently undecided or where multiple venues will be used, the festival will produce a separate risk assessment for the event concerned.

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