Friends launch photo
Friends launch photo

Poetry Festival - Gilbert Yates Photogra
Poetry Festival - Gilbert Yates Photogra


Friends launch photo
Friends launch photo


What's On



The Poetry Salon will be held live online via Zoom.


Free but donations welcome


Poetry Salon

Poetry Reading Group 

with Kathryn Bevis
Friday 10 September
7:00 - 9:00pm


Join us for the latest in our second Friday online poetry gatherings. We will read and discuss some of the most brilliant voices in contemporary poetry, including poems written by Winchester Poetry Festival’s featured poets for 2021.

Each month will be themed and we’ll get to know a handful of brilliant poems related to that theme, making time to see how they might reflect, amplify, complicate, contradict, or bewilder each other when read together. These will be animated, inspiring evenings for us all to learn more from each other about the peculiar pleasures of reading poems. Readings will be shared in advance and all are welcome: the poetry curious and poetry fanatics alike.

This month's theme is Silence.

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The Workshop will be held live online via Zoom.


£16.00 (places limited)

Silence & writing beyond language


with Andrew McMillan
Saturday 11 September
10:00am - 12:00 noon


Join Andrew McMillan in this two hour workshop exploring writing without a topic.


"So often writing workshops set us a topic or give us a ’thing’ and tell us to write about it, but how might we write into an absence, into a gap, into a thing which is not there? How might we be able to write into the thing which sits beyond language itself? I’m not sure I know, but I look forward to finding out together!”

                                                 - Andrew McMillan



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This event is pre-recorded and will be broadcast


Greg Gilbert: Renaissance Man

In conversation with Keiren Phelan

Saturday 11 September
3:00pm - 4:00pm


Southampton poet, artist and musician Greg Gilbert is interviewed by Keiren Phelan.


This wide-ranging conversation will focus on Greg’s multi-faceted talents as a singer with his band Delays, his art (which featured in an exhibition alongside the work of Da Vinci in the Southampton City Art Gallery in 2019), and how he used poetry, drawing and painting to deal with a devastating cancer diagnosis. Greg’s pamphlet Love Makes a Mess of Dying was chosen for publication by the former Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and published by the Poetry Business. Keiren Phelan is a Winchester Poetry festival founder and board member.


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This event is pre-recorded and will be broadcast


New Voices

Isabelle Baafi, Ben Bransfield, Nicki Heinen & Shash Trevett

Saturday 11 September
6:30pm - 7:30pm

Four strong and varied new poetic voices published by three powerful small presses: Ben Bransfield and Shash Trevett launch debut pamphlets with The Poetry Business, Isabelle Baafi’s Ignition debut was the Poetry Book Society’s Spring Choice and Nicki Heinen publishes her first full-length collection with Verve.


Find out about some of the UK poetry scene’s future stars and enjoy a sparkling evening of online poetry.